Making The Most Out of Summer!

Dear Doctors,

As many of you can attest, the summer months bring about a lull in our healthcare system. ERs and walk-in clinics are less crowded as doctors and patients alike take time off. This affords our system a much needed opportunity to catch up on the outstanding cases that have been backlogged during the colder months.

Why not use this lull to take a closer look at your medical billing?! Are you confident that you are maximizing your billing and receiving the best possible compensation for your hard work? Why risk it?! It’s your money, but if you don’t claim it, RAMQ is certainly not going to hand it over simply because you work hard! If you haven’t looked over your billing recently, there may have been changes that you are missing out on! Are you a GP? Do you work at the ER? Then I’m virtually certain that there have been changes that YOU are missing out on!

That’s where we come in. Our Montreal based RAMQ medical billing company is offering you our summer promotion! We will meet with you 1 on 1 to go over your billing and ensure you are optimizing it 100% FREE OF CHARGE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION!

Don’t be that doctor who wakes up 6 months later to discover he has been missing out on new RAMQ incentives and fee codes! Contact me now for your free consultation!

Patrick Busch ([email protected])

Partner – Mediregi Billing Services INC.