SYRA – What You Need to Know!

Dear Doctors,

As many of you know, RAMQ is forcing all MDs in the public sector to migrate to their new billing platform, called SYRA (Système de Rémunération à l’Acte). This new platform has already raised many questions from our doctors and merits a closer look.

What is SYRA exactly and who is it for?

It is the new billing platform that has been launched by the RAMQ since April 2016. It replaces the old platform (now known as “facturation médicale” vs the new “facturation SYRA”). It is for all the health professionals in Quebec who are in the public sector and who are paid by RAMQ. All the MDs must transition to SYRA before December 31st 2016. Optometrists, pharmacists, dentists and other health professionals are set to transition in Spring 2017.

Can I refuse to migrate to the new system?

No, this is not a choice offered by RAMQ, it is a mandatory transition.

How do I transition?

At Mediregi, we will transition your practice for you. You will be notified by email when your practice will be transitioned.

How will it affect my billing?

The new system will affect your billing in a few ways:

  1. SYRA does not allow for paper claims to be sent in to RAMQ. If you are still doing this, you will need to find another solution (call us!). SYRA has thus replaced all the paper communications with electronic versions or procedures that are available on the RAMQ website (
  2. SYRA abolishes all the MODifiers that have been used to qualify the fees on your billing codes. Instead of modifiers, SYRA suggests various contexts that allow RAMQ to deduce the information directly from the billing. For example, no need to include your MOD 046 if you’re a GP working in an office on a Saturday, SYRA will deduce this information from the date of service.
  3. SYRA also has other, more administrative differences such as the ability to modify a claim even after it has been sent to RAMQ, a new look to your RAMQ statements, etc, which are more pertinent for billing agencies & software providers than MDs.

 Don’t forget, whether you are a family MD or a Specialist, you need to have migrated by December 31st 2016 otherwise RAMQ will not process your billings and you won’t get paid!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Patrick Busch

Partner at Mediregi Billing Services INC