Tips for Internists’ RAMQ Medical Billing

Dear doctors,

This special edition of our blog on RAMQ medical billing will be dedicated to Internal Medicine specialists, commonly called Internists. If you are an Internist, and have not been using the following supplements, you have been missing out!

  1. Did you know that you are entitled to a very large supplement when your principal visit runs longer than half an hour? This is true in a private cabinet as well as in an outpatient clinic at the hospital!
  2. Did you know that you are entitled to a supplement when you claim a principal visit if any of the following conditions are met?
    1. If a patient is 75 years old or older
    2. “insuffisance cardiaque avec FEVG < 30”
    3. « insuffisance rénale chronique avec clearance de la créatinine < 30cc »
    4.  « cancer actif, sauf les cancers de la peau, à l’exception du mélanome »
    5. HIV
    6. « greffé »
  3. Did you know that you are entitled to an even larger supplement when your consult runs over an hour? This is true in a private cabinet, with hospitalized patients and in an outpatient clinic as well.
  4. Did you know that when you work with admitted patients at the hospital you are entitled to a supplement if you see a patient who requires isolation (ie: SARM, ERV, Clostridium Difficile, Influenza, Infectious Gastro-Enteritis)?

And of course, you must certainly be specifying your 2nd and third diagnoses, right? If you are not, you are missing out on a 15% and 40% increase on your consult and principal visit fees at the clinic and at the hospital!

And this is just a snippet. If you did not know about even one of these supplements, you’re missing out on significant income! If your billing agent has not prompted you for this information, this is unacceptable!

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Best regards,

Patrick Busch

Partner @ Mediregi Billing Services